Ubi, the Ubiquitous Computer, Now Available for Homes Everywhere

Always-on, the Ubi allows users to interact with the Internet using their voice

TORONTO, October 15, 2014 – The Ubi, the ubiquitous computer that opens up the home or office for voice-activated communication with the Internet and smart home, is available for purchase today. Connected through Wi-Fi, the Ubi plugs into the wall via cable to become the voice of the Internet by tying voice interaction with different web services, communication tools and Internet of Things platforms.

The Ubi makes web services more accessible and human with personalized options set up in the Ubi Portal. Ubi CC, the Android app, allows these users to stay in contact with and communicate with their Ubi through their Android phone. Ubi can be used to input commands, like send email, text or voice messages, or as an output for results or acknowledgements of requests, like reading off the user’s search results. Various examples of applications include:

  • Tell Ubi to add a reminder, alert or meeting to your calendar or ask Ubi to read your calendars or reminders to you for the day.
  • Play music by request, either through the Internet, Grooveshark or SoundCloud.
  • Set custom trigger phrases or words for sending messages.
  • Communication and message relay between multiple Ubi’s in the home or office, such as tell one Ubi to relay a message for announcement to an Ubi in another room.

Through the Internet of Things, the Ubi has the ability to expand smart home capabilities with voice activation. The Ubi currently integrates with SmartThings and WeMo platforms, allowing users to trigger the devices with voice commands, like turning on or off lights in the home or changing the temperature. The Ubi can also be used to receive updates and even warnings or announcements from the smart home devices, such as when a door has been opened or motion has been detected. Voice-controlled thermostats, doors, locks and kitchen appliances are made possible with Ubi’s technology. 

“The Ubi was created to make our interaction with computers more seamless and natural in the home or office,” said Leor Grebler, co-founder of Ubi. ”You can now interact with your technology through a form of two-way conversation, talking to it like you would a person and it talks back. The combination of adding voice and eliminating touch allows us to better command our world.”

The Ubi is available for purchase for $299 through Ubi’s website, http://www.theubi.com/ (http://www NULL.theubi NULL.com/).


About Ubi

Ubi is a product of UCIC, the United Computer Intelligence Corporation, a Toronto-based technology start-up with operations in Ontario. UCIC was founded by three engineers with a passion for human computer interaction: Amin Abdossalami, Mahyar Fotoohi, and Leor Grebler. It’s also been pulled forward by co-founder Blake Witkin, an experienced entrepreneur in technology companies. The Ubi is UCIC’s first product, which launched for pre-orders in 2012.

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