CleanTech North Announces 2011 Round of Member Company Recruitment

Toronto, ON- May 17, 2011.  Henry Vehovec, Executive Director of CleanTech North (CTN), announced today that CTN is now accepting applications from promising Canadian cleantech companies to join the 2011 roster of Member Companies.  This is an opportunity for innovative clean technology companies to expand their network and gain access to support and expertise that is required to enter and succeed in the global marketplace.

Each year, CTN works directly with a small number of high-potential member companies to identify their current business requirements, and to develop and execute strategies that will position them to achieve their short and long-term objectives. Members participate in monthly workshops and seminars aimed at increasing their market readiness, and expanding their network within the cleantech industry. Previous workshop topics, as requested and determined by member companies, included Financing Sources, Marketing and Sales Strategies, Intellectual Property Management,  Business Development, Government Relations, Investor Relations, Executive Team Development, Trends in Term Sheets, Risk Management and Supply Chain Issues, and Exit Strategies.   Members also have access to CTN Cluster Sponsors, who can provide industry insights and strategic contacts relevant to their business needs.

During 2010 the CTN Member Companies included Cavet Technologies, Daymak, Global Emissions Systems, IceGen, Solutions4CO2, and YAVA Technologies.  For more information on these companies and CTN, please visit our web site at (http://www NULL.cleantechnorth

Companies interested in joining the CTN Member Company roster can apply online at (http://www NULL.cleantechnorth  Please give us as much information as possible about your company.  A follow-up email will ask you to submit an overview of your business and your prospects.

About CleanTech North

CTN provides emerging Canadian clean technology companies with the mentorship and support required to enter and succeed in the global marketplace.  CTN offers promising cleantech companies unparalleled advice from top tier service providers, the CTN Cluster Sponsors, with expertise in a broad range of areas.  The growing list of CTN Cluster Sponsors includes BDC, The Bedford Consulting Group, Behr & Associates, CG Group, Gowlings, GrowthWorks, HUB International, Macquarie Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, RBC, Summerhill Group, and the Toronto Atmospheric Fund.

For More Information Contact:

Henry Vehovec

Executive Director, CleanTech North (henry null@null cleantechnorth

T: 416-440-0448

C: 416-822-4294

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