Whether the challenge is to build leveraged revenue and distribution channels (OEM, ODM, Partnerships, Distribution) or to raise investment capital, CTN has the proven expertise to extend market reach, raise capital and build market leading Canadian Clean Technology companies.

Since inception in 2009, CTN has worked with a range of Canadian cleantech companies in order to achieve their business objectives. Listed below is a growing list of CTN Award Winners and companies that have participated in CTN programs.

  • ARXX (http://www NULL.arxx
  • Clear Blue Technologies (http://www NULL.clearbluetechnologies
  • Daymak (http://www NULL.daymak
  • eCamion (http://www NULL.ecamion
  • Global Emissions Systems Inc. (http://www NULL.gesi
  • Green Energy Watchdog Inc. (http://www NULL.greenenergywatchdog
  • GreenMantra Technologies (http://www NULL.greenmantra
  • Icegen (http://www NULL.icegeninc
  • MMB Research (http://www NULL.mmbresearch
  • Morgan Solar (http://www NULL.morgansolar
  • Panacis (http://www NULL.panacis
  • Prolucid Technologies Inc. (http://www NULL.prolucid
  • Pronto Energy ROC Inc. (http://prontoenergygroup
  • Quinzee (http://www NULL.quinzee
  • Raw Materials Company Inc. (http://www NULL.rawmaterials
  • Renewable Energy Management Inc. (http://www NULL.rem-energysolutions
  • Responsible Energy Inc. (http://www NULL.reinc
  • SolarShip (http://solarship
  • Solutions4CO2 (http://s4co2
  • Torxx Group Inc. (http://www NULL.torxxgroup NULL.html)
  • vertichem (http://www NULL.Vertichem
  • YAVA Technologies Inc. (http://yavatechnologies
  • Centennial CollegeĀ 

If you are interested in becoming a CleanTech North member company, please click here to find out more information.

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