Value Proposition

CleanTech North provides member companies with a wide range of unique benefits that will assist them in expanding and growing their business to be successful in Canada and within the global market.

Please watch our video of member CEOs talking about how being a CTN Member has benefited their company.

Through membership in CleanTech North, your company will gain:

  • Entry into an Exclusive Industry Network. CTN members represent current and future leaders in the cleantech industry. Through monthly events, online communities, and discussion boards, CTN brings together innovators from across the country to share experiences and leading practices, discuss trends in the industry, and forge new opportunities for partnerships.
  • Access to Cleantech Industry Seminars and Workshops. On a regular basis, CTN Cluster Sponsors provide specialized workshops and seminars to provide CTN companies with unique and targeted insights on a wide range of cleantech issues. From financing to carbon credits, government incentives to succession planning, these sessions provide an opportunity to network with other companies, while discussing specific challenges faced by many new entrants into the cleantech industry.
  • A Single Access Point to a Wide Range of Advisors. CTN provides a single point of access to a wide range of service providers who work with CTN member companies to provide advice on achieving their business goals and objectives in a sustainable, yet accelerated manner. More importantly, CTN Cluster Sponsors will work to assist each CTN member company in a coordinated fashion to simplify and accelerate the company‚Äôs ability to meet its objectives.
  • Mentorship and Support. Each year, CTN provides a number of cleantech companies with the dedicated mentorship and support they require to act quickly on their business plans. Member companies may or may not be ready for market, but need specific, specialized, and time sensitive advice to succeed and reach their full potential. CTN Cluster Sponsors work with these organizations to provide targeted strategic advice geared toward achieving maximum benefits.
  • Evolving Support for CTN Member Companies. CTN offers evolving support for CTN member companies. With membership comes a range of benefits that will assist CTN member companies in creating value for their business, both now and in the future.

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