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Towns Vie To Be Nuclear Waste Burial Sites

Anna Mehler Paperny. The Globe and Mail [Toronto, Ont] 14 Jan 2012: A.12. Strapped communities are desperate for an economic boost – even if it comes with an eternity’s worth of radioactive detritus As roadside attractions go, “Home of Canada’s Nuclear Waste … Continue reading

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Europe has a global opportunity in cleantech

Interesting overview of the global cleantech prospects for 2011.  Find the orginal here (http://bulletin NULL.sciencebusiness NULL.net/news/74921/Europe-has-a-global-opportunity-in-cleantech). By Jorgen Sperling- March 30, 2011 Joerg Sperling, Partner at the European cleantech investment fund WHEB Partners and president of the Tech Tour Cleantech … Continue reading

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